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About Jacob Fiscus

Jacob Fiscus is the owner and photographer of Photography by Fiscus. Jacob believes in the upmost quality for his work and likes to take time to know the client and figure out their needs for the particular project. He enjoy’s capturing people’s talents, hobbies, and passions. He enjoys bringing traditional dark room tricks and combining them with modern day technologies to get a unique work that separates him from the rest. Jacob has received many awards for his work but to him it’s not about the awards or recognition, it’s about improving and moving onto the next project.

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Photography by Fiscus

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Glenn Babb

Glenn Babb is the Volume Photography Operations Manager. He is in charge or ordering, processing, and distributing orders for large volume gigs like sports, dance schools, proms, He does a great job keeping everything organized and he may be the voice you hear if we have to call for a question about your order.