Class of 2017 Senior Model Maddie Stenbo | Carroll High School

After photographing Maddie's older brother Alex just a few years ago, I knew I was in for another fun session with a talented and humble Stenbo. 

Lik her brother, Alex, Maddie loves weightlifting and it's one of her passions. 

You wouldn't know it if you passed Maddie on the street and she wouldn't go out of her way to tell you, but she's a 5x Youth National Champion; 2x Youth Pan Am Team member; Youth Pan Am Bronze Medalist; Youth World Team Member. Silver Junior Medalist (Gold in Snatch/Silver in Clean and Jerk and Silver overall). 

That's an impressive resume for a senior in high school! Maddie is still working, growing, and competing. She will even be competing in Penang, Malaysia this October! 

We partnered up with Edge 2 and captured some of Maddie's love and passion for her sport. You'll soon be able to find a banner of Maddie hanging at Edge 2.